Frequently Asked Questions

There are many businesses out there calling themselves modeling agencies.  Some are legitimate and some aren't.  You have to be careful when approaching someone claiming to be an agency because many are unethical businesses only interested in taking your money by luring you in with promises of potential model stardom.  Here is a comprehensive list of up-front question and answers regarding MTM Model Management's ethics and policies of maintaining a legitimate, trustworthy and professional model agency.

How much money do I have to pay the agency to join?

None. There are no fees of any kind to join.  We don't charge models to join us.  We only sign models we feel are right for the market and clients we work with.

Do I have to pay for photos if I join the agency?

No. The photos for your portfolio (known as your "book") and comp cards are provided free of charge.  You may also work with any photographers you like.

Do I have to pay anything to be a represented model?

MTM Model Management only charges the industry standard 20% commission on all jobs the model is booked for.  All models everywhere are responsible for the cost of the printing of their comp cards, their book prints as well as their portfolio books.  MTM Model Management does not markup or profit from this nor is the model responsible to pay the agency for any of these materials.  We can show you the actual cost of the printing via the vendor's website and you can pay them directly.  The good news is that we have found high quality yet very inexpensive printing companies.  Our goal is to keep the costs to the models as low as possible so they are making money and remain happy with our working relationship.

Do I have to pay for runway classes, photo shoot classes or any model instruction courses? 

No, there are no classes to teach you how to be a real model.  The experience you get in the field doing things like test shoots, castings and real jobs are your education.  We do have meetings now and then to discuss items such as business terms, photo shoot feedback and techniques as well as career development topics, but there is no charge for these discussions.  We feel it is in our best interest that our models receive specialized attention to help them succeed.